Recruitment globalized. Global IT Talents connects highly qualified candidates from all over the world and German companies. We identify the right talents matching your requirements and care about everything needed for the talent to join your team.

As experienced software professionals and recruiters, we accompany you along the path from the first to the last step:

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  • We find candidates in our network and take over the screening of hundreds of applications
  • Our technology and HR specialists select the best tech-fit candidates according to your requirements
  • Through interviews we evaluate first-base tech knowledge, ability to explain technical concepts, general communication and motivation
  • Using scientific behavioral tests, we recommend the candidates that have high creativity, problem solving, analytical or leadership abilities and team fit
  • We conduct coding tests or other tech study cases
  • We release you of the administrative tasks related to recruitment process, organizing interviews and offer free of charge assistance with the paperwork in obtaining visas for candidates outside European Union.

Global IT Talents network consists in significant number of talents with competencies in Python, Java and C#, and various backgrounds including data science or artificial intelligence.

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